Making Natural Soap Bars with a Millions of Seashells

Seashells are beautiful and fascinating structures. They’ve inspired artists, writers and beachcombers, and most importantly, are homes for millions of little ocean critters. 

It turns out these unloved seashells are a big environmental concern. In some parts of the world the sheer amount of seashells dumped on the coastline has changed river courses, with disastrous consequences for the local marine ecosystem. Which is why, if no use can be found, they are sent to landfill in the UK. 

 Annings of Dorset Lavender Handmade Soap Annings of Dorset Face Balm

Seashells contain many beneficial nutrients. Despite this, millions of tonnes of seashells are discarded every year.

Using a unique process, Annings of Dorset turn these unloved seashells into a sustainable super ingredient that forms the basis of their distinctive soaps - the world’s first soap bar to be made with seashells. 


Shop our range from Annings of Dorset to enjoy the benefits of this natural ingredient whilst doing your bit for Mother Earth. 


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