Collection: Annings of Dorset

Handcrafted in Dorset, naturally...

Nestled in the rolling hills of Dorset's Jurassic Coast, Annings is a family run artisan soap maker that uses a traditional cold production process. They spent years in their soap parlour tinkering with natural ingredients to create skin loving soaps that blend seashells, herbs and essential oils. 

They take a simple and honest approach to life and craft their soap in much the same way. The soaps are handmade with care and pride in small batches. Each ingredient is selected to nourish, replenish and for their divine floral and earthy fragrances. 

The traditional skincare remedies are natural and cruelty free. They contain NO ‘nasties’ such as artificial or synthetic ingredients, plastic, palm oil, parabens, triclosan, phthalates or sls. 

Annings of Dorset

Annings of Dorset

Every year millions of tonnes of seashells are discarded by the fishing industry. Rather than see these unloved seashells go to waste, The Annings of Dorset team decided to upcycle them into an eco-friendly material that forms the basis of their distinctive Annings soap.

They collect seashells from sustainable British scallop fisheries and process them using a unique method (an Annings secret) to harness their naturally restorative properties. This process helps to create a soap that is longer lasting, great for your skin and helps the environment!