Behind the Brand

Our Story

House of Pyaar, which translates to House of ‘Love’ was born in 2023, having always had a deep routed love for fashion and interiors. After studying at the London College of Fashion, I spent the next 15 years working in London for a number of designers and luxury brands, before having my daughter in 2021 during the covid pandemic.

The dream to start my own company was the result of time spent travelling around India, Sri Lanka and South East Asia.

It was on each of these extended trips that the seed was planted. Each time I took time out, of my busy lifestyle in London, to travel and slow down to a more manageable pace. I was filled with a huge love and happiness for the wonderful people I met and the beautiful artisan products many of them produced.

Back in London and meeting many small independent designers and makers, I had the dream to bring the two together. The goal to find the perfect interiors and products, that are made to be loved. I have now finally found the courage to bring that dream to life.

Claire, Founder