Our Top 9 Best Baby Playmats for a Safe, Fun & Contemporary Play Space

The question on many first time parents minds is, do you need a baby play mat? From experience we found a play mat unbelievably helpful when we had our first baby. A play mat provides your baby with a safe spot to take in their surroundings, whilst you take a moment to do all those daily tasks that can become very tricky when holding your baby - we’re talking using the bathroom, answering a phone call or making a cuppa! 

A play mat is also a perfect place for you to start introducing tummy time with your little one. Tummy time helps strengthen baby’s neck & shoulders, as well as developing their motor skills. 

So, when do you need a baby play mat? We would recommend introducing a play mat when your child is around three to six months old. You can continue to use your play mat well into their toddler days, as they make the perfect place for tots to play with their toys inside or out. 

When on the hunt for the perfect baby play mat, several factors come into play. You’ll be considering your baby's age, your personal style, and the intended use of the play mat and more. For playtime in style, explore large kids play mats featuring captivating designs. If you prefer a minimalist option that offers versatility across various locations, opt for a wipeable play mat.

Here are our handpicked favorite's that cater to everyone’s needs, have lots of functionality and we think they will meet all your interior desires! 

1. Little Dutch: Playpen Mat Little Goose 

Little Dutch Play Mat Little Goose
Photo: Little Dutch

We love this Little Dutch play mat, babies can have endless fun on this soft, padded playpen mat resembling a farmer's pond. The adorable design featuring Little Goose and friends, is accompanied by a mirror, rattle, crinkly toys, and hidden surprises to ensure a boredom-free playtime. We think this play mat is perfect for babies around six months, when they are developing their hand-eye coordination, as it is so interactive. We love that this play mat is easily portable for travel convenience too! Shop the Little Dutch collection here.

2. Totter & Tumble: The Chrysanthemum Playmat

 Totter and Tumble Morris & Co. The Chrysanthemum Playmat
 Photo: Totter and Tumble

The Chrysanthemum memory foam playmat, created with a beautiful Morris & Co print, combines classic style and modern practicality. Its waterproof surface and British heritage pattern make it an ideal alternative to traditional options. Stylish, supportive, and safe for newborns onwards. All Totter & Tumble play mats are reversible, making them perfect for moving between rooms if you want to change up your style! Shop the range from Totter & Tumble here.

3. Avery Row: Stay & Play Mat - Riverbank

 Avery Row Stay and Play Mat Riverbank
 Photo: House of Pyaar

The Avery Row Stay & Play Mat is designed with home play in mind, creating a cosy and comfortable space for little ones. Made with 100% GOTS organic cotton, filled with GRS recycled polyester and suitable for newborns. This beautiful yet practical play mat is perfect for laying down on hard floors and also it's machine washable which is a plus for messy toddlers and busy parents. The stay & play mat is loved by little ones and looks great in adult spaces too. We love taking our Avery Row play mat outside for summer picnics & garden play. Shop our collection of Avery Row products here.

4. The Little Green Sheep: Linen Baby Playmat

The Little Green Sheep Linen Play Mat
Photo: The Little Green Sheep

Versatile and portable, the Little Green Sheep quilted cotton playmats are perfect for baby's playtime. Each includes a travel bag and they fit seamlessly in teepee play tents. Super soft, machine washable, and suitable from birth! Shop neutral play mats and nursery décor from The Little Green Sheep here.

5. ToddleKind: Premium Foam Playmats 

Toddlekind Premium Puzzle Foam Playmats Earth - Clay
Photo: Toddlekind

Toddlekind's Prettier Puzzle Playmats create a safe and stylish sanctuary for little ones. Made from biodegradable foam, these mats provide a plush surface. With expandable tiles and borders, they seamlessly blend into your home decor. Shop the collection from Toddlekind here. 

6. Avery Row: Organic Cotton Children's Quilt - Sesame

 Avery Row - Organic Cotton Children's Quilt Play Mat - Sesame
 Photo: House of Pyaar

Avery Row's organic cotton children's quilts are eco-friendly and perfect for bedrooms or as extra sofa blankets, we love that they easily multitask as a stylish play mat. The pretty tassels add charm, and the Oeko-tex Standard 100 certified manufacturing ensures safety and quality making it the perfect play mat for newborns and toddlers.  Shop our range from Avery Row here. 

7. ToddleKind: Quilted Cotton Reversible Playmats

Toddlekind Quilted Cotton Reversible Playmats Sea Shell
Photo: Toddlekind

These Luxe Mats are the ideal cotton playmats for babies. Crafted from double quilted organic cotton, these soft and padded mats offer a cosy surface for tummy time and crawling. And, just toss them in the washing machine for easy cleaning! Shop the collection of foam play mats from Toddlekind here. 

8. Munchkin & Bear: Large Voyager Play Mat

 Munchkin and Bear Large Voyager Play Mat
 Photo: Munchkin & Bear

A stunning, modern, ocean-inspired design by Munchkin & Bear. Loved by parents and little sailors, it features hand-drawn boats and hidden sea creatures amidst soothing waves. Flip it over for a classic speckled print in Sand. Stylish, practical, and versatile - perfect for play, pilates, and memorable baby milestone photos. Shop the range from Munchkin & Bear here.

9. Milk it Baby: London Playmat 

 Photo: Milk it Baby 

We love the beautifully illustrated designs on Milk it Baby’s play mats, from London to Paris they have a beautiful range of play mats in perfectly muted deigns. Milk it Baby play mats are proudly eco-friendly, non-toxic & biodegradable making them safe for the environment & your little one. You can discover the full range of Milk it Baby play mats here

Discovering the ideal baby play mat involves thoughtful consideration. Our hand picked favorite's offer a blend of style and functionality. Each choice presents unique features that enhance your baby's playtime experience, ensuring a delightful and engaging environment. Whether you desire captivating designs or versatile, washable options, these play mats are sure to meet your needs and create a safe and enjoyable space for your little one to explore and grow. Which one is your favourite?

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