The Essential Checklist: What to Pack in Your Baby Changing Bag

Preparing for outings with your little one can feel like a mini-military operation, especially when it comes to packing the baby changing bag. Whether you're a new parent or a seasoned pro, having the right essentials on hand can make all the difference in keeping your baby happy and comfortable while you're on the go.

In this journal post, we'll cover our tried and tested checklist of items to pack in your baby changing bag, ensuring you're ready for any situation that may arise.

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If you are going to be welcoming a little one into the world soon, you need to get these newborn essentials packed in your baby changing bag, our favourite baby essentials have to be organic, natural and made with love.

Read on to see our top picks. 

Nappies: Lets start with the obvious - nappies. Our top tip is to always pack more than you think you'll need, especially for longer outings. It's better to have extras than to find yourself in a sticky situation (literally) without any. Our favourite nappies are Kit & Kin, they are super absorbent, hypoallergenic and sustainable. 

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Eco-Friendly Baby Wipes: A pack of baby wipes is your best friend for cleaning up messes, whether it's a nappy change or a spilled snack. We recommend opting for travel-sized packs to save space in your changing bag and where possible choose eco-friendly biodegradable baby wipes to have a positive effect on the environment, or using reusable baby wipes. We love these baby wipes from Eco by Naty, they are 98.4% pure water and completely compostable. 

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Baby Wipe Cover: Why not give your baby wipes a stylish glow up with our Avery Row Baby Wipe Cover, we love the summery print to brighten up those nappy changes. 

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Changing Mat: Many changing facilities aren't as clean or comfortable as you'd like them to be. A portable changing mat provides a hygienic surface for nappy changes anywhere, from park benches to public restrooms. Cam Cam Copenhagen have the cutest (and practical) baby changing mats, they come in a beautiful wavy quilted pattern. Their mats and easily folded into a hand small size and they feature a very handy pocket inside which perfectly fits a spare nappy or muslin. 

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Organic Nappy Rash Cream: Be proactive in protecting your baby's sensitive skin. Include some nappy rash cream in your baby changing bag to soothe and prevent irritation, especially if your little one is prone to nappy rash. We love our Baby Bottom Balm from Artio Skincare, made from 100% wild harvested unrefined organic shea butter, this balm is so pure it could be eaten. it’s a great all rounder meaning you don’t need to carry loads of different products in your baby changing bag. This wonder balm can be used for eczema, dribble rash, teething, dry patches and as a barrier balm between nappy changes. Handmade in Ireland in small batches. 

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Hand Sanitizer: Keep pesky germs at bay by including a bottle of hand sanitizer in your changing bag. Essential for maintaining good hygiene, especially when you're changing nappies on the go. We love Aesop's Resurrection Rinse Free Hand Wash, not only does it smell super fresh, think Mediterranean lemon groves, but it also has purifying and hydrating properties to cleanse your hands effectively. 

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Extra Clothing: Accidents happen, and having a spare outfit (or two) for your baby changing bag can be an absolute lifesaver. Pack a clean set of clothes, including socks and a hat, in case of spills, leaks, or unexpected changes in weather. These sweatshirt and jogger sets from Mori are perfect for packing in your changing bag, they come in loads of fun colours and they are made from super soft organic cotton. 

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Soft Baby Blanket: Whether it's for swaddling, keeping your baby warm, or providing a clean surface for impromptu picnics, a soft, lightweight blanket is a versatile addition to your baby changing bag. Our knitted blanket from Avery Row is 100% organic cotton and machine washable. 

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Baby Swaddles / Muslin Cloths: Babies are notorious for spitting up at the most inconvenient times. Tuck a few swaddles into your baby changing bag to quickly clean up messes and protect your clothes from stains. We love our beautiful Summer Swaddles, they come in a range of beautiful prints and are made in the UK using the softest organic cotton. These swaddles are large and can also be used as a lightweight summer blanket whilst out and about with your little one. 

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Feeding Supplies: If you're bottle-feeding, pack bottles filled with pre-measured formula or pumped breast milk. For breastfeeding mums, include a large swaddle if you would like privacy whilst feeding and nursing pads for leaks. 

Toys and Comfort Items: Keep your baby entertained and comforted during nappy changes by packing a small selection of toys or comfort items, such as a favorite stuffed animal or teething toy. Our Knitted Sheep Rattle is the perfect first friend for little ones with its interactive rattle and suitable from birth. 

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Changing Bag Pouches: Always have a few pouches on hand for storing dirty nappies, soiled clothing, or any other messes until you can dispose of them properly.

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Organic Cotton Baby Play Mat: A baby play mat can be a great addition to your changing bag on those days you are heading to friends or family and you want to create a safe place to lay your baby. Our Avery Row play mats are suitable from birth and come in a number of pretty prints to create a soft and cosy play space. 

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Mum Hand Balm: It’s no surprise that Artio Skincare’s Mum Hand Balm is award winning, this enriching balm is lightly fragranced with organic lavender and rose absolute. It works wonders on cracked, brittle nails and dry, chapped hands. It is also great for dry feet! 

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A well-stocked baby changing bag can turn a potentially stressful outing into a smooth and enjoyable experience for both you and your little one. By packing these essential items for your baby, you'll be prepared for whatever adventures await, whether it's a quick trip to the shops or a day out exploring the world together. So, stock up your baby changing bag and embrace the journey of parenthood with confidence!

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